Maserati 450S Autumn Dream

A small film featuring a Maserati 450S aluminium recreation. This unique piece of engineering is an aluminium, handcrafted recreation of Maserati’s legendary ’57 450S racing car. Not only is the car inspirated by a historical Maserati model, it’s also based on a model of the famous Italian brand. Because, underneath the aluminium body goes a Maserati Mexico. Besides the fact it looks like a Maserati and it’s built on a Maserati, it also drives and sounds like a Maserati. Under the massive hood lies a powerful, real Maserati engine, which has been completely renovated last year. Just like the gear box. By every single detail you can see this astonishing 450S recreation has been built by unadulterated passion for genuine motoring. That’s what makes this car an exceptional piece of art on wheels. A true one of a kind. Powered by pure emotion.

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